Lil Jon’s Lil Guide to a Crunk New Year’s Eve

Who better to dish out partying advice than the man with a pimp cup full of Don Julio? Before his Dec. 31 DJ gig at Tryst, Lil Jon called with tips to make the most of the final moments of 2012.

What’s the first step in prepping for nye?

It’s always great when you don’t even have to leave the hotel to go party, so you don’t have to worry about cabs—the cab line is gonna be crazy. You don’t have to worry about driving, because somebody’s gotta be the designated driver—you just walk to the hot clubs. And Encore and Wynn have all of the hottest DJs in the world playing the whole New Year’s weekend.

Are there fashion elements to avoid?

Ladies shouldn’t wear dresses that are too tight and too short, because if you get drunk, how are you gonna get home in that dress? Maybe stick to tight pants, that kinda thing, so that you look sexy but you don’t gotta worry about your dress coming up.

2013 glasses and hats—yay or nay?

I would not be caught dead in any of that stuff.

Champagne or shots at midnight?

For me, it’s all about having a shot on New Year’s. We drink Don Julio tequila, so I would say a shot of Don Julio 1942 at midnight. Of course you can have a traditional glass of champagne, but let’s take it to 2013 with a shot of Don Julio 1942—that’s the way to go.

What about noisemakers? As a DJ, are those fun or annoying?

It’s a part of New Year’s Eve. Sometimes you stop the music and start the countdown. I might start at 30 seconds, and then hearing that, it gets you amped up. Five minutes of that after the New Year, that’s enough; then you can put those down and get back to partying.

Are there any key NYE-related tracks you might work in?

I don’t really plan the sets out, it’s whatever pops into my head, whatever I feel and put it to the side. I don’t really play the “Auld Lang Syne” thing, but I’ve been to some parties where it was cool, so I might play it this year. And a lot of DJs play a lot of crazy mashups for New Year’s Eve; who knows what kind of Lil Jon mashup I’ll play at midnight? It’ll be something. We’re gonna hype it up real good.

Any tips for single folks to vetting the right person to make out with when the clock strikes 12?

If you already have someone that’s your friend and you’re cool, but you never really went to that next level and you want to, New Year’s Eve is the time to hang out with that person so you can steal that little kiss.

Who’s the kind of person to avoid on NYE?

That person that’s already trashy drunk at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve is not the one you want to be hanging out with at 10 o’clock. They’re the one throwing up. You don’t want to have to babysit them and take them to their room. Who wants to be doing that when the clock strikes midnight? Stay away from the person that’s going 100 miles an hour in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve.

What’s the best New Year’s that you’ve ever had—and the worst?

There’s so many! I had a lot of good times in Miami on New Year’s Eve, I had a lot of good times in Vegas. I guess one crazy time I had in Miami, I was DJing this party and everybody started jumping in the pool with their clothes on. And I was like, “Everybody take your clothes off!” and people started taking their clothes off and it got so crazy the police were like, “Get everybody out the pool right now!” So that was pretty crazy.

Uh-oh, there’s kind of a pool at Tryst so—

We’ll see! This year it’s gonna be pretty crazy at Tryst, cuz we’ve been planning it out and we want everybody to have a good time. In the not-so-good New Year’s Eve, I just remember being a teenager in the house cooking tacos, watching Dick Clark at midnight a long time ago.

Do you have any hangover cures?

Yeah, I guess one: Take Alka-Seltzer before you go to bed or when you wake up, because it settles your stomach and gets rid of your headache. Then there’s another drink called NoHo [“The Hangover Defense”]. It’s really good. If you see that in the store, get that. I usually take two or three of those, put them in my pocket. I drink one at the beginning of the night and one at the end of the night, and I wake up—no hangover!

Any other tips for a great New Year’s?

Make sure you’ve got a hot party. I’m the type of person that can have a great time anywhere, but make sure you’re at a hot party and not just at the corner bar. The one thing that I know a lot of people do is party-hop. I like to go to one party and stay at that party all night, build your vibe up and it just continues and gets better and better. When you’ve gotta go drive from this party to that party, you might get caught in traffic, who knows what could happen. So I think it’s better to just stick with one party and fill that night up. You can come hang out at Tryst and stay with me all night.

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