Make room on the Ark

And so they came, two by two, in time of flood, unto the ship that would bring them urban vibrancy and meaningful interactions. Thus were the Downtown Programmers saved from the fate of Lesser Vegas, and the Call Center Specialists, and the Denizens of the Cocktail Room, and, at long last, upon the birthday of the Helmsman, came the Unicorn. But of such Specimen, as of the Helmsman Himself, there were not two, but only One. And should some say in Later Days that it was not a Unicorn, but a Pony with a Cone, You shall tell Them that Miracles do occur, and that Downtown, borne through the Great Recession upon the hull of Tony Hsieh, liveth still.

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Birch Set to Debut Against UTEP


Birch Set to Debut Against UTEP

By Mike Grimala

After a year on the sideline, Khem Birch is set to make his UNLV debut Monday at UTEP, and it's hard to say who the wait has been harder on — Birch himself, or the Rebels fans who have been anticipating this day ever since he transferred from Pitt. The 6-foot-9 center comes with high expectations. A former McDonald's All-American, Birch has elite shot-blocking ability and could transform the UNLV defense. And his arrival comes at an opportune time, as the Rebels frontcourt has been thinned by Mike Moser's elbow injury.