>‘Here With Me,’ The Killers

They started out a synth-rock band, morphed into a Springsteen tribute act and are now doubling down on a bet that what people really want to hear is subpar Journey power ballads. Moreover, the Killers gambled on bringing out a video for the third single, “Here With Me,” from this year’s tragically bad Battle Born. In a case arguing for the irrelevancy of filmmaker Tim Burton, this would serve as Exhibit A—a gloomy, lifeless mess starring actress Winona Ryder as a mannequin toted around an English seaside resort by actor Craig Roberts. Roberts was absolutely wonderful in the 2010 coming-of-age British dramedy Submarine. Here, though, he sinks beneath Burton’s overwrought visual pathos and Killers singer Brandon Flowers’ awful teen-diary verse: Don’t want your picture/On my cellphone. Don’t want this video in my YouTube suggestions column.

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By Geoff Carter

BLUES BOUND: How many times have I said that Social Distortion needs to get a Vegas residency? Not “should get,” not “would be nice if it got”—the venerable SoCal punk band needs one, because they embody what a Strip show should be. They have terrific energy; their live show just flies by. They’ve got sing-along hits (“Story of My Life,” “Prison Bound,” “Bad Luck,” “I Was Wrong,” “Ball and Chain” and many others)—and they give audiences the faithfully executed versions of those hits, the versions everybody knows by heart.



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