‘Black Days,’ The Lucky Cheats

Harmonica-blowing blues-rockers the Lucky Cheats lay down hot tracks (check out 2011’s Sugar in the Tank CD) and put on sizzling live shows (as they did opening for the Blasters at Vinyl last month). How does the local band fare with its first video? Awesome, given what was obviously a small budget. Credit goes to frontman Luke Metz (who storyboarded the video) and Steve Fodor (who has directed a handful of videos for local bands such as the Gashers). In this charming tale, a loser beau unjustly ignores his gorgeous rocker-squeeze (played by Taryn Vazquez) and pays the price. Incensed from cleaning up PBR empties, cooking candlelit dinners for herself and finding unfamiliar panties in his guitar case, she takes revenge on his instruments—tossing one in the pool, setting fire to another, car-dragging a third. The lesson here? Treat your girl right or your fret board is as good as smashed.

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