Britney rumor wheel spins into high gear again

It seems like just yesterday—or at least, just 2008—since it was all but a sure thing that Britney Spears was going to be a headlining resident at the Palms. Now five years and one recently quit X Factor gig later, published reports have Brit gearing up to become a headliner at Caesars where, presumably, she’d pair with a cantankerous, three-days-from-retirement Celine Dion as they take on a shadowy group of heroin smugglers.

Chad Johnson, nee Chad Ochocinco (nee … Chad Johnson) doesn’t need any fancy nightclubs when he comes to town. He was doing it oldest of schools January 14 when he was roller-skating at Crystal Palace.

Haze has added a second 2013 resident, following on the heels of its Pauly D announcement, with T-Pain firing up a bimonthly House of Pain residency beginning January 26.

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