CES Delivers Headphone Bounty

If CES were a high school cafeteria (bear with us here), then you’d want to mosey over to where the sexy, cheerleader-ish headphones were sitting. Because the headphones’ varsity football-player boyfriends in this admittedly tortured metaphor are all sorts of celebrities— and their big parents-out-of-town weekend keggers (we promise this will be all over soon) are nightclub after-parties.

Starting January 8, the will-never-be-confused-with-an-actual-popular-jock Lemmy celebrated his Motörheadphönes—basically the greatest name for anything in the history of ever—at Girls, Girls, Girls. All things being considered, a Vince Neil-owned strip club is exactly where you’d expect Lemmy to have an after-party.

That same night, Skullcandy celebrated its line of ’phones by bringing Wale into Pure to do “Chillin” and his mix of “Rack City.” But does even Wale manage to finagle unnecessary umlauts into those headphones? No. No, he does not. Advantage: Lemmy.

Snooki was at the convention proper January 10 for her Snooki Couture headphones, which include a set of earbuds with dangly earrings coming off them. Because there is apparently no trend so new that Jersey Shore veterans can’t get in and push it straight into shark-jumping territory.

The main event came January 10, as Ludacris hosted the Soul Headphones party at Tao, and the man who started it all, Dr. Dre, was at Marquee. The Doctor sent out Rick Ross to handle performance duties, and for half an hour he did it like some sort of entity in charge of other people, while Dre hung back with Jimmy Iovine.

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