Facial Recognition


Photo by Andrew James

Brow & Beauty Bar owner Tara Lisheski, 35, started applying makeup at just 3 years old, setting her on a career path straight to the beauty world. The Las Vegas native studied aesthetics at the Academy of Hair Design and dove into a career as a makeup artist for local brand Filthy Mouth Clothing before striking out to launch her own business. Lisheski zeroed in on eyebrows because “they have to look good or your face won’t look its best.” Capitalizing on the constant demand for waxing—some regulars come in every two weeks—Lisheski created a place where the focus is on the peepers. Her plucking system involves a traditional face map, taught to all aesthetics students, tweaked to her specifications, such as a softer, more rounded arch. She uses the paper face maps as her filing system and to educate clients how to maintain perfect shape between visits. “The mapping takes the guesswork out of brows for professionals and customers.”

Expert tip: Lisheski says the most popular arches belong to curvy beauty Kim Kardashian, whose face framers are the most requested by clientele. “Big, beautiful and natural are in,” she says. “Not too constructed, but not messy.”