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AS YET UNSTAINED: I’m sorry. This is a time of year when concert bookings are so disastrously sparse that I’m forced to write about artists whose careers I’ve taken pains to avoid. Case in point is Aaron Lewis, the lead singer of post-grunge outfit Staind, who’s playing two nights of solo shows at the Santa Fe’s Chrome Showroom on January 18 and Red Rock on January 19 ($53-$75.50). When first I heard Staind a little more than 12 years ago I didn’t care for them. And I have no reason to believe I’ll enjoy a show by that band’s lead singer—even if he has taken a hard turn into country music, which is a brave turn for someone who’s sold millions of records in another genre. As I do when I distrust my own judgment, I checked to see what other reviewers are saying about Lewis’ tour, and I found this account of his December 9 Philadelphia show by writer Mike Sievila: “He went into playing and singing Kermit the Frog’s ‘Rainbow Connection’ … and ended the show reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and going straight into his hit song ‘Country Boy.’” It sounds fun, I guess, but it’s just not my kind of thing. Maybe it’s yours.

NEW KID: I’m currently listening to Sir Michael Rocks, one half of the hip-hop duo The Cool Kids, who’s scheduled to play at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip on January 19 ($15). I’ve never heard him before now and you know, he ain’t bad. His charm is addictive, and he has a collegiate air about him; he reminds me a bit of Childish Gambino, though his flow doesn’t quite have Donald Glover’s giddy energy. But as I said before, bookings are down right now—and $15 really isn’t a lot of money for a sample of a new flavor.

NOW ON SALE: On April 19-20, Jeff Bridges—Bad Blake, Kevin Flynn, The Dude, that fucking Jeff Bridges—is playing shows at the Santa Fe and Red Rock respectively. Will he sing? Will he take photos of the audience? Will he simply sit on the stage in his bathrobe, thoughtfully stroking his beard? I don’t care, and neither should you. Let’s go. Tickets for the two shows run between $45 and $75.50.

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