War Paint

LVCS, Jan. 12

Hip-hop group War Paint rocked the stage and fed their local movement with political anger and smoke sessions. The performers—Matt West, Jamie B., Klopse and Kay-O—brought heavy lyricism … and a heavy aroma of marijuana.

“Robbery,” featuring special guests Quez and Donnie Menace, shocked the audience with the passionate lyrics of “taking what others have by force.” It motivated some of the more nervous attendees to tighten their grips on their wallets and purses. But hardcore fans rhymed each lyric word-for-word along with the MCs, who were positioned near the front of the stage. Other rhyme-along cuts, including “I’m on One” and “End Like This,” kept the energy and excitement of the place high with enthusiastic rhyme solos and heavy baselines.

Highlighted by “Intoxicated,” War Paint gave an enjoyable performance, which relaxed many of the nervous attendees and had them singing along to the infectious chorus. The anthem represented what the group brought to their current and converted fans by rhyming about how they feel. No more, no less. ★★★☆☆

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