Gunns, Thunder and drum-and-bass

It might get loud this week in Vegas’ live-music clubs given all the cool, below-the-radar bands coming to town. Scratch that: It will definitely get loud, and here’s the itinerary to prove it.

Roxy Gunn Project (pictured) takes aim at The Lounge in the Palms at 11 p.m. January 25. The alt-rock band fired off a full-length album on iTunes last month called On With the Show, and it’s excellent, start to finish. From the thrash-meets-power-pop of “At the End of the Day” to the guitars-in-your-face arena anthem “All the Same,” frontwoman Gunn isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on a solid vocal hook. The band has played every conceivable live-music venue on and off the Strip. Listening to Show, I hear why they’ve been successful. This is a free show, and the Lounge is throwing many more of them featuring local bands through February.

Stoner-rock beast Mammoth Thunderpower rumbles and rolls into Bunkhouse Saloon (124 S. 11th St.) at 10 p.m. January 26. The Costa Mesa, California, band released its I Am Thunder EP in October, and it sounds heavier than classic Black Sabbath strapped to a neutron star. The femur-shattering “Bone Throne” and the slaughtering-a-sorcerer groove of “Death of the Wizard” possess heft and plenty of volume. Anyone who prefers his or her metal on the sludgy, lumbering side of the spectrum will want to step into Mammoth’s sonic path.

If that’s too deliberate for your taste, tune in to Channel 3’s set at LVCS at 9 p.m. that same night. Channel 3 (or CH3) emerged in 1980 as part of the first wave of SoCal punk. Unlike their peers from that era, CH3 was always a bit more tuneful, Ramones-ish and pop-oriented, even if the band wrote songs with titles such as “You Make Me Feel Cheap” and “I’ve Got a Gun.” By the early ’90s, the band’s studio recordings dried up, but they did regroup 10 years ago for a decent self-titled album. Since then, CH3 has toured on and off, arriving in Vegas this week with original singer Mike Magrann and founding guitarist Kimm Gardener still intact.

Finally, don’t let this band’s stripped-down two-piece lineup (drummer Peijman Kouretchian and singer/bassist Jason Hoopes) fool you. Oakland, California, avant-metal duo Satya Sena will beat you naked and hide your clothes. The band is set to incinerate Favorites (4110 S. Maryland Pkwy.) at 8 p.m. January 28. If you’ve heard these guys’ Diversity of Tactics, Vol. 1: Introspection EP, then you know you’re in for a severe eardrum-lashing. Heard over a maelstrom of blasting riffs, Satya Sena’s lyrics offer literary surrealism and primeval imagery.

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