Last Chance to See a Genius

The Imagine Exhibitions Space, in The Venetian, is bidding arrivaderci to Da Vinci—The Genius exhibit this weekend. Slated to end in September, the exhibit was held over by popular demand with good reason. The experience offers visitors a chance to get up close—and in some cases “hands-on”—with life-size constructions of invention ideas taken from his codices, or journals. Interactive stations take visitors further into the mind of the man. A section is devoted to the “Mona Lisa,” including 25 things about “La Gionconda” just recently uncovered. A giant 3-D presentation offers the final word on “The Last Supper.” Impress your friends and bring them to have a look at The Genius before it’s gone. (The Venetian, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. daily through Jan. 27, $27, 414-9000,

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“Love Bite,” Melody Sweets


“Love Bite,” Melody Sweets

By Jarret Keene

Not to be confused with the Def Leppard power ballad “Love Bites,” Absinthe burlesque singer Melody Sweets turns the verb into a noun for her serpent-in-the-garden, Arabian-scaled, electro-puff pop tune “Love Bite.” A sexy snake—or a man-hungry Eve looking to swallow Adam(s) whole—Sweets frolics in the desert with what looks like the on-loan, all-beefcake cast of Chippendales at Rio (actually, it’s the male cast members of Absinthe).