LaVey Ortiz-Kindred

The Makeup Artist

Growing up, makeup artist LaVey Ortiz-Kindred left the girly duties to her mother. “My mom is really great at makeup, and she would try to get me and my sisters into creams, but I just wasn’t into it,” she says. The 30-year-old’s interest wasn’t riled until she watched the movie My Girl, in which Jamie Lee Curtis’ character worked at a funeral home. “I guess I was going through a morbid phase,” Ortiz-Kindred says.

Fortunately for the brides and celebrities she passes her brushes over nowadays, Ortiz-Kindred never made it to the mortuary. She honed her skills at Canyon Ranch Spa in the Venetian and Color in Caesars Palace before launching a mobile styling company, Your Beauty Call, with hairstylist Janine Cali in 2011.

Clients have come from as far away as Australia and Britain, booking services for wedding seasons nearly a year in advance. And Hollywood has also been calling, with the makeup artist beautifying celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Cindy Crawford while they’re in town.

Ortiz-Kindred’s appointment book fills up with clients seeking her signature look: standout eye makeup, which she enhances with multiple sets of false lashes (some of the mink fur variety), and her warm, chatty nature, which puts even the most jittery bride or demanding superstar at ease.

Ortiz-Kindred also attributes her success to an ability to listen closely and be intuitive to customers’ needs. “A lot of makeup artists just do whatever they want, but I really try to feel out what people need,” she says. Particularly when it comes to brides who discover her magic touch with ethnic skin tones.

Eager to diversify her brand, the makeup maven rattles off goals such as developing her own false-eyelash line and designing professional makeup cases that skew into product development rather than having a makeup brush constantly in hand. But the bubbly, mom-to-be still points to beautifying women as her true passion, with a focus on making sure clients always put their best face forward.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re Kim Kardashian or Jennifer whoever,” she says. “I just want girls to look the best they can.”

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