The Seriouslys

The Bunkhouse, Jan. 18

With songs as colorful as their hair, The Seriouslys blasted their way through a melodic, nonstop sonic assault. Formed in 2010, this local all-female garage-punk trio sounds similar to The Runaways and Babes in Toyland, with each of the members singing lead and backup vocals.

Except for the occasional “We are The Seriouslys” introduction followed by drummer Dominique Labonte yelling “2-3-4” to count off the next song, there wasn’t any time for banter. Rocking a fuchsia hairdo and a Star Wars T-shirt, Labonte bopped from side to side as she bashed the hell out of her drums and provided a solid rhythm.

Bassist Krystal Hawkins and guitarist Kate Outenreath (wearing an outfit reminiscent of “Beetlejuice” with day-glow orange hair) traded off the vocal lines “Icky, Icky, Icky, Icky” and “Yucky, Yucky, Yucky, Yucky” on “24 Hour Vegas Buffet,” a song written by Outenreath about her fear of … well, 24-hour Vegas buffets.

Other catchy tunes such as “Wrong Tree” and “On The Wire” featured great sing-a-long hooks with gang vocals that get stuck in your head and have you singing them the next day. The Seriouslys are a fun, high-energy band, definitely worth checking out. Catch them live on February 9, opening for Go Betty Go at The Bunkhouse. ★★★☆☆