Third Annual Intriguing People


For all our talk of numbers—budget cuts and growth figures; unemployment rates and housing starts; the dollars attached to hopeful new projects and those squandered on old ones that failed—the city’s future (and the trajectory of those pesky numbers) depends on the grit and audacity of its people. The following pages will introduce you to Southern Nevadans who will, in ways both great and small, shape our community in the year ahead. You’ll meet a piano prodigy redefining what it means to be a Vegas entertainer, a transportation visionary at war with gridlock and a real estate investor who emerged from bankruptcy to build a small empire. You’ll meet educators and athletes, political movers and nightclub shakers. Like all of us, they will bring new color to a recession-faded Vegas. They are brushstrokes in a portrait of our city.


Livio Lauro

Man With a Master Plan

Ricardo Laguna

The Balancing Act

Kate Aldrich and Tim Shaffer

The Taste-Makers

Nick Sherry

The Cannon

Bryan McCormick

The Sign Keeper

Otto Ehling

The Prodigy

Susie Lee

The Education Investor

Julie Kamiyama

Queen Electric

LaVey Ortiz-Kindred

The Makeup Artist

Chris Ramirez

Big-Picture Guy

Karen Nava

The Future of Las Vegas Hospitality

Pushkin Kachroo

The Transportation Professor

Jesika Towbin-Mansour

The Dealer's Daughter

Connie Yeh

The Wall Street Dropout

Simon Hammerstein

The Modern Vaudevillian

Andres Ramirez

The Instrument of Change

Sheridan Su

The Magical Chef

Shannon McMackin

The Art Instigator

Meghan Boyd

The Style Magnet

Mark Stark

The Bounce-Back Artist

Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Bipartisanship’s Best Hope

Adam Mizzi

The Prophet of Small

Justin Hutson

Rebel Builder

Sonny Ahuja

The Serial Entrepreneur

Allison Serafin

The Education Player

Cee Lo Green

The Relevant Resident


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Jesika Towbin-Mansour

Jesika Towbin-Mansour

When Jesika Towbin-Mansour graduated college a decade ago, she had her eye on the jewelry business. She liked diamonds and money, she jokes in hindsight, and wanted to surround herself with them. Despite an internship under her belt and certification just ahead, it never happened, because her dad put a stop to it.