All-Star Drum Squad Takes Over Vinyl

We live in a golden age of banging on random stuff—Recycled Percussion, Blue Man Group, Chris Brown if someone hands him a couple of drumsticks and puts him in a room with Frank Ocean and/or Rihanna. So when the Street Drum Corps took their percussion act to Vinyl, it just seemed au courant.

But the punk-leaning drummers upped the game by bringing in a collection of rock thumpers that included Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins, Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee and No Doubt’s Adrian Young. And Young, for some reason, decided to play part of the show wearing a ringmaster’s coat, no pants and a man-thong. Lee wore regular pants, which are, for him, the equivalent of a man-thong.

Also in the audience was Vinnie Paul of Pantera for what we can only assume was to be a backstage séance to channel Keith Moon and John Bonham.

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