Concert Review: Street Drum Corps

Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel, Jan. 26

It started with three people in black bandana masks pounding on metal, drawing the crowd in. Just when we got comfortable, the second song erupted with lead singer Adam Alt blaring the hit “Sdc X” off their most recent album, Children of the Drum. Oh, and surprise: feathery strippers on stilts! They emerged from the crowd dancing evocatively. This was only the beginning of what would be a mesmerizing performance by Los Angeles percussion punk-rock outfit Street Drum Corps.

The concert offered choreography and an intense light show featuring graphic video images. So many different people with multicolored hair and painted faces were onstage jumping, smashing and hitting things at any given time, including guest appearances by Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee, Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins and No Doubt’s Adrian Young. At one point, some performers jumped off the stage and jammed right alongside the audience members. A girl even brought her own sticks to drum with them. Street Drum Corps drummed on anything—from pipes and garbage cans to wooden chests and the occasional triangle. Their grimy yet refined stage presence could only be matched with their raw dynamic sound. ★★★☆☆