Glen Scott

Creative director and co-founder of 1010 Collective, age 33.


Photo by Tomo

What he’s wearing now: Ted Baker shirt, Ben Sherman tie, Alternative Apparel sweatshirt, H&M jacket, J Brand jeans, Cole Haan shoes, Nike FuelBand bracelet and Oakley sunglasses.

Fashion motto: Always try things on in the store. I hate returning.

The scoop: He may be at the helm of one of Downtown’s creative new transplants, but that doesn’t mean Scott will be showing up to any meetings in a bathrobe a la Mark Zuckerberg. “Some people view it as a license to dress sloppy,” the advertising executive says. “But I think there’s a happy medium between presentable and comfortable.” Scott keeps his well-groomed yet relaxed mantra by browsing at boutiques such as Ted Baker and H&M that provide a versatile daily wardrobe. “Everyday I jet around a lot,” Scott says. “I always wear something I can meet a client in for a morning meeting, but then is nice enough to meet my lady out for dinner.”

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