Scotty Boy, Red team with Lit singer for Las Vegas video

Las Vegas has become a bucket-list location for music videos. But the end result is always better when someone has a connection to the city, such as Las Vegas-based DJ Scotty Boy. Along with his Houston producer, DJ Red, they’ve been making quite a few blips on the EDM radar, even more so now after teaming up with singer A. Jay Popoff of the band Lit for “Know Your Name Tonight.” A release on Fedde Le Grand’s Flamingo Recordings broke the track into the Beatport progressive house charts, garnering heavy rotation on SiriusXM and a spot on Le Grand’s 2012 Yearmix. The trio started off 2013 by getting out of the studio and in front of the cameras of Drex Lee Films.

“We wrote the track about a year and a half ago,” Red says. “It was supposed to be a remix for Donald Glaude, and then when we wrote the structure of the track, we got greedy and wanted to keep that track for ourselves,” he laughs.

“I’ve been friends with A. Jay for a while, and he’s into EDM,” Scotty says. The guys took advantage of Scotty’s Triple B: Backstage Bar & Billiards Downtown for that rock ’n’ roll feel. “We didn’t want a serious video,” Scotty says. “I wanted a video that our friends could watch and laugh. I had the idea of all of us being in a band—even though we don’t really play instruments.”

“I play guitar!” Red corrects him. “I played my solo legit!”

Cameo appearances in the video scheduled for a mid-February release include Revolvr, singer Sherry St. Germain and DJ Well Groomed, plus a bunch of local pals in the crowd. Follow @DJScottyBoy, @The_Real_DJ_Red and @AJayPopoff for updates.

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