Statham, J-Lo Bring Parker Premiere to P-Ho

If there’s one thing Jason Statham loves, it’s rifling out gravelly voiced quip after gravelly voiced quip in mid-tier action movies. If there are two things Jason Statham loves, it’s that whole quip thing and premiering those flicks at Planet Hollywood.

To celebrate the opening of Parker, Statham’s latest spin around the cool, tough-guy territory he’s trod from The Transporter to the other Transporter, he was at Planet Hollywood on January 24 along with co-star Jennifer Lopez.

Which is a lot of hoopla for a movie destined for DVD dollar bins in the Walmarts, but at least it has the decency to not be Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Joining Statham and Lopez on the red carpet were Randy Couture, Claire Sinclair, Taylor Hicks and Coco Austin. Either that or they were just going to the movie to get some ideas on how to plan a heist. Those long careers in fighting, modeling, singing and having an almost comically oversize butt could have just been part of the long con to get placed in highly regarded casino entertainment gigs. No one expects their headliner to sneak down to the vault during intermission, now do they?

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