Super Sunday Finds

Is there a bigger day in Las Vegas than Super Bowl Sunday? Maybe New Year’s Eve, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I’ve never been to a Super Bowl in person, but ever since I experienced my first in Las Vegas, I’ve never really wanted to. A lot of people apparently feel the same, because this town will be rockin’ this weekend. The bars and casinos will be promoting accordingly, and locals will have a better opportunity than most to take advantage.

You won’t read about the good parties at the local taverns. They advertise with fliers on the bar and signs on the wall. Michael’s Pub at Rainbow and Flamingo, for example, makes a special sandwich for the game known simply as “the sandwich.” Their in-house fliers say “The Sandwich Is Coming,” and I’m guessing it’s pretty good. So if you’re looking for a non-casino bar to watch the game, rule No. 1 is to check out the ads at the ones near you.

If you go to the casinos, you’re sure to find action in all of the sportsbooks, but many casinos will also have parties in their showrooms or event halls. You can go high-end with $100-per-person (and up) tabs, but there are much more wallet-friendly deals to be had. One of the best if you want an all-in-one price is at the Silverton, where you can get unlimited food or unlimited drinks during the game for $20, or food and drinks for $35. Santa Fe Station and Fiesta Henderson are also offering all-you-can-drink deals (draft beer only) for 20 bones. South Point has a big free party with $1 dogs and $2.67 Buds (if you buy ‘em by the bucket). Terrible’s is running a tailgate party in the front parking lot beginning at noon, with dollar dogs and beers.

If you want to make a bet, look for sportsbooks that give you a little something extra for making it. These deals tend to show up closer to game day, but here are a couple of examples. At either Arizona Charlie’s, a $20 bet on a parlay card or a $50 bet straight-up gets you a commemorative T-shirt. Jerry’s Nugget is also giving away T-shirts for a $20 parlay-card wager, plus Jerry’s will also exchange a losing ticket for a $5 table-game matchplay that’s worth about $2.40. At Luxor’s Public House, there’s a sign out front offering 15 percent off your entire bill if you show them a betting slip. I haven’t checked out the details, but it sounds like you can’t lose if you make a $20 bet and plan on running up a $135 bill in the restaurant. Even if you blow the twenty, you’ll book $20.25 on the discount. And there’s nothing saying you can’t get the 15 percent and win the bet, too.

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