Tour Buzz

DRUMCORE: How do you know that a drummer’s knocking at the door? The knocking speeds up! What do you say to a drummer in a nice suit? “Will the defendant please rise?” Hey, did you hear the one about the drummer who finished high school? Me, neither! … OK, that should about do it. I’ve gotten all the drummer jokes I know off the table, so I can tell you to go see the Kodo Drummers of Japan at The Smith Center on February 1 ($29-$89) without giggling. This ensemble, a fixture on the world stage since 1981, performs ancient Japanese taiko drumming with a bit of modern flair, and if you can take an evening of moderate-to-heavy pounding, it can be fascinating to watch. Here’s a fun fact: The Kodo Drummers all occupy the same village on Sado Island in Japan, a nearly 33-acre natural wonderland on the Ogi Peninsula. The younger drummers live communally in a former schoolhouse while apprenticed to the main ensemble. There’s probably a good drummer joke to be gleaned from this information. I’ll pass it on as soon as it’s baked.

STEIN WAY: Hi-ho! Silverstein performs at the Hard Rock Café on the Strip, February 6 ($16 in advance, $18 day of). Here’s what I know about them as of this writing: They named themselves after Shel Silverstein, which is awesome, and on first blush they sound like any number of screaming post-hardcore bands, which is less awesome. Admittedly, this isn’t my style of music (pretty much everything I liked about metal was lost after Limp Bizkit), but there’s something to be said for a band that can get your blood going, and Silverstein is at least that. Four supporting acts—Like Moths to Flames, Secrets, Glass Cloud and Issues—share the bill, which makes this show a steal at less than $4 per band.

NOW ON SALE: And the crowd goes mild! Beach House is coming to the House of Blues on Apri1 5 ($22). The Baltimore duo’s dreamy hypnopop is a must for anyone who enjoys the Cocteau Twins, Mazzy Star and sitting quietly in dark rooms, wondering why love must inevitably fail.