See the Juan Muniz/80s Kids Collaboration Here First

Perhaps the most unexpected thing about this first-time artistic collaboration between The 80s Kids and Juan Muniz—appearing exclusively on DTLV and Vegas Seven before its First Friday debut—is that it doesn’t feel unexpected at all. Here are two artists whose sensibilities—Muniz’s sentimentality, the 80s Kids’ whimsy—couldn’t have merged more neatly. In looking through the images in the gallery below, it’s kind of hard to believe that Muniz and the 80s Kids’ Ryan Brunty and Jacob Gallegos haven’t been working together for years, or at the least haven’t recombined into some kind of cool giant mecha with paintbrushes for hands.

These pieces will be available tonight at First Friday (just look for them out in the art market), and at the official collaboration afterparty, 11 p.m. at Insert Coin(s). But until you can meet the artists yourself, read what the 80s Kids have to say about the work:

The Companion Pieces, which have the pink backgrounds, are the main pieces of The 80s Kids x Juan Muniz Collaboration. These will be an open edition premiering at First Friday, measures 12×18, and is priced $20 per print or $30 for the set.

“They’re Here” is a piece inspired by the original Poltergeist movie poster. As you can see, Felipe is kneeling before The 80s Kids TV logo, which symbolizes what Juan has said to be “a passing of the torch” from one local Vegas artist to the next. This will be an open edition premiering at First Friday, measures 12×18, and is priced at $20.

The yellow background pieces will be a First Friday exclusive limited to just 25 pieces. Additionally, this piece will be signed by Juan Muniz and The 80s Kids and priced at $25. These are hand-numbered and measure 12×18. If there are any left over after First Friday, they will be available at for $30.

As the saying goes, get ’em while they’re hot. I’ve got my eye on at least one of those limited edition, so you’d better get to First Friday before I do.