The ’80s Say Hello

chicago-bears-steve-mcmichael-world-famous-wrestler-ric-flair-nfl-hall-famer-lawrence-taylor-ny-gian.jpgThe night before the Super Bowl, the greatest linebacker in the history of the game, Lawrence Taylor, had his own LT Bowl at Tao. He was there celebrating his birthday, as well, with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. It was basically the exact scenario of our dream birthday party when we were 9, except for some reason Skeletor and Cobra Commander weren’t there, too. That night also saw Lions quarterback Matt Stafford in Marquee’s Boom Box Room, as no Lions are allowed by NFL rule to be within 500 miles of the actual Super Bowl.

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Seven Nights

Seven Nights

By Deanna Rilling

Thu 31 Apparently girl-on-girl kissing contests never go out of style, even after Las Vegas was bombarded by such antics when Katy Perry released “I Kissed a Girl.” Putting a new twist on the action, Tao will hold the Blondes vs. Brunettes Bowl, awarding $5,000 to the hottest blonde/brunette duo to swap spit. Sorry, gingers, you’re left out again. (In the Venetian, 10 p.m.,