Gronk Does Exactly What You’d Expect Gronk to do

You know how people always talk about sports as a way to give “troubled kids” something to do so they don’t wind up on the streets? The kind of thing where there’s a hope these kids will outgrow their rambunctious ways and become productive members of society?

Apparently pro football is still like that for New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk spent the latter half of his Super Bowl Sunday at XS, dancing like an idiot with his shirt off—just like you’d figure he would—when he picked up a friend and body slammed him on the stage. The only problem is the friend seemed to fall onto Gronk’s injured left forearm.

Relax, Pats fans: He popped up just fine. But really, Bill Belichick needs to hire a nanny to tell Gronk he can’t do things like wrestle his friends while clubbing, or shave the cat, or eat his Legos.

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