Izzy Cox

Double Down Saloon, Feb. 3

This one-woman band offered a sonic portal to a different world. Her tantric drum beats combined with what Cox calls “voodoo billy” guitar riffs, painting a portrait of sideshow circus freaks living in a twisted gypsy den. But that’s just her music. Cox’s powerful voice pierced the air, inviting the audience to read her heartbreak-laden diary pages. She calls herself the “murder ballad queen” because of her affinity for lyrics such as I’m gonna burn, burn, burn your house to the ground, and I feel, I feel like killin’/Something’s wrong with my brain. Although she does well performing by herself with just a guitar and a bass drum, a real band might enhance and round out her sound. It’s hard to pin any specific genre onto Izzy Cox’s music, but the seedy backdrop of the Double Down was the perfect place for her to perform. Let’s just say she’s out for blood, and she doesn’t care who knows it. ★★★☆☆

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