Nobu Trusts De Niro With a Weapon

That Robert De Niro was there with chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa for the February 2 ribbon cutting on Nobu Hotel wasn’t surprising. De Niro co-owns the Nobu restaurants and hospitality group with Matsuhisa. What was surprising is that someone trusted the nearly 70-year-old actor with a samurai sword to do the cutting.

We get nervous driving next to your average 69-year-old, let alone standing in close quarters with the nigh-septuagenarian set wielding edged weapons. Especially one who, let’s face it, still has to have some lingering rage about Righteous Kill.

Gordon Ramsay was there for the official launch of the former Centurion Tower, as was De Niro’s wife, Grace. As of press time, no one was reported to be running around with anything severed like a villager in a Kurosawa flick, so we suppose the whole samurai sword thing turned out OK.

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