LVCS, Feb. 3

Rocking out for more than 30 years isn’t easy; it only looks that way when Overkill plays. Before the thrash-metal quintet went on, the enthusiastic crowd was treated to a light show, which included an illuminated drum set. In return, a hearty “Overkill” chant began. The room became electric when Overkill blasted “Rotten to the Core.” Frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth howled lyrics with such force and intensity, it was hard to believe that this guy was old enough to be my father. My disbelief would continue for an hour and half of a performance that never lost its energy. Overkill’s set list mixed classics (“In Union We Stand”) with more recent favorites (“Ironbound”). The blend was seamless in a way that no fan could say, “I liked their old stuff better.” Overkill came, conquered and showed us all that they would not stop rocking anytime soon. ★★★★☆ – Michelle Franco

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By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

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