Steel Yourself for this Bouquet

On January 31, the Wynn unveiled a $33.7 million steel sculpture by celebrity artist Jeff Koons. “Tulips” is a three-ton bouquet of high-gloss, candy-colored flowers, which matches Las Vegas’ perennial style: expensive, famous and seductive in an image-conscious kind of way. Depending on the viewer, Koons is either a brilliant artist for the ages or a Kardashian of the art world (which may be giving Kim and Khloe too much credit). Steve Wynn, as a major art collector, would be remiss not to own at least one piece by Koons, and what better place to display his big win than at the Wynn? Many of Koons’ “balloon style” sculptures focus on ephemeral subjects such as flowers, puppies … and flower-covered puppies. Their banality makes them pop-tastic, playful and irreverent. “Tulips,” part of Koons’ Celebration series begun in the late ’90s, may be a mere, fleeting pleasure. But that shouldn’t stop you—go see the sleek, shiny bouquet on display near the Wynn’s showroom lobby. These steel blooms are made to last.

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