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PUNKS AND GRANDFATHERS: I’ve some mixed feelings on this one. I’ve always wanted to see The Who perform live, as they will do at The Joint on February 8 and 10 ($71-$350). And the fact that they’re playing their 1973 album Quadrophenia from start to finish surely doesn’t hurt; it’s my second-favorite of their “concept” albums, after The Who Sell Out. (Tommy is third.) But there’s a voice in the back of my head—my full-time rock-critic voice, thankfully retired—that’s loudly insisting that The Who doesn’t exist anymore and hasn’t since bassist John Entwistle died (in the Hard Rock Hotel! Mere steps from The Joint!) nearly 11 years ago. And there’s a guy behind that guy who’s yelling, “Fuck that noise. The Who actually died with Keith Moon in 1978.” And here’s the thing about these two guys: They look exactly like Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, the band’s only two surviving members. I guess that as we grow older, Quadrophenia afflicts us all.

SEX PANTHER: Pink is coming out (to Mandalay Bay on February 15), so you had better get the party started (by paying $60 to $140 for concert tickets). Oh, I’m sorry, is “Get The Party Started” stuck in your head? Well, that’s the price you pay for making me write about an artist who records nothing but earworms: “So What,” “Raise Your Glass,” “Fuckin’ Perfect” and scores of other immediately catchy songs with anthem-like choruses. Seriously, if there’s a single hit by Pink that you can sing aloud without pumping your fist in the air, you just name it—and if you know how to keep “Don’t be fancy; just get dance-y” and other Pink-isms from looping in my head ad infinitum, I beg you to tell me how. I suspect the answer is to see Pink performing these songs live, but what if I’m wrong?

NOW ON SALE: Having one of the most anticipated residencies of the year isn’t enough for golden-voiced R&B lunatic Cee Lo Green, who sets up camp at Planet Hollywood from February 27 through April 13 (tickets start at $55). He’s doing a full-blown production called Loberace, with “mind-twisting magic and sexified showgirls” and a “larger-than-life wardrobe.” Will this show be crazy? Possibly.

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