Valderrama Does Hyde Without Lovato

wilmer-valderrama-turns-33-hyde-bellagio-las-vegas-2213-2.jpgApparently Wilmer Valderrama’s on-again, off-again relationship with Demi Lovato is back to “off again,” because when he rolled into Hyde on February 2 with his friends for his 33rd birthday, she didn’t come along.

Or, you know, it’s because she’s only 20 and Valderrama hasn’t had the epiphany yet that once you’re in your 30s, it’s kind of a bummer to try to get your girl a fake ID. Considering she was 6 years old when it came on, she has to still think of That ’70s Show as “one of those shows grown-ups watch.”

Regardless, Valderrama—who still apparently calls his friends his “wolfpack,” from which we can only assume he did try to get Lovato a fake ID, only it was a timely McLovin one—spent the evening with the guys, briefly making an appearance in the DJ booth. Where we assume he played the Dora the Explorer theme to try to lure his girlfriend out of hiding.

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