Concert Review: American Cream

Artifice, Feb. 6

This four-piece rock band offered a solid mix of classic rock revival and today’s indie rock. Along with local bands Rusty Maples, Same Sex Mary, Play for Keeps, Coastwest Unrest and the Perks, American Cream kicked off the debut of the Life is Beautiful Downtown Las Vegas Music Showcase.

Frontman-rhythm guitarist Vince Pangallo moved like Mick Jagger and sang rock n’ roll like it was a lullaby. Lead guitarist Tyler Jones made the girls wish they were the ones being strummed. Bassist Jake Wagner and drummer Charlie Gott provided a solid foundation for their music.

American Cream’s six-song set consisted of three songs off their self-titled debut EP. “You Can See” provided a psychedelic rock feel. They slowed things down a bit with “Center of Everything” and picked it back up again with “Barefoot Mistress.” With their interaction with the crowd and their visual immersion into their music, this is definitely a band to check out live. (American Cream performs at at the Freemont Street Experience on select dates from February 8-March 29. Go to for information.) ★★★☆☆