Light Nabs Skrillex

01mbcfinalconcept705jun2012-light.jpgThe Cirque du Soleil/Light Group nightclub Light officially has an opening date now—April 26. It has something else too: an official dubstep dispenser—Skrillex.

The half-shaved wonder will join Alesso, Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso and Baauer as the residents the club has announced so far, but more names are expected to follow. In the meantime, the Light Group has released a pair of concept illustrations that give a hint of what the club’s design will look like.

Expect the DJ booth to be the focal point of the room (natch), with a fractured, geometric ceiling dropping into a kind of disco stalactite above the booth. And then there are all the scuba/jellyfish people and human birds. Because it’s Cirque, that’s why.

Zoom in close enough at the illustration online, and you’ll even be able to spot Mad Men’s Don Draper, Pete Campbell and an early-season Paul Kinsey drinking at the club. Which is weird, because we thought for sure they’d be more the Champagne’s types.

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