Lowe Samples Citizens

Parks and Recreation’s Rob Lowe was spotted at Citizens on February 9, disappointing the most hard-core of Chris Traeger fans by eating a burger. At least somewhere, Ron Swanson was proud. … That same night, Milla Jovovich went with her daughter and some friends to see Mystère, where she ducked backstage to meet with some fellow Ukrainians in the cast and, we assume, talked about the Klitschko brothers. What else do you have to talk about when you’re from Ukraine? … Director J.J. Abrams addressed the Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain Summit on February 6 at the Hard Rock, where he offered painfully little in the way of his upcoming Star Wars directorial gig. He did, though, note that he snuck R2-D2 into the background of Star Trek. You’re welcome, nerds.

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The Executioner

DJ Profile

The Executioner

By Deanna Rilling

You may want to invest in those big ol’ earmuff headphones folks who work around airplanes wear, because 100,000 watts of sound is coming to rattle your soul. Bass-music master Excision is bringing his new Execution Tour to Las Vegas’ House of Blues for his first solo headlining show. He’s also got a grip of subwoofers and an insane true-3-D video-mapping stage experience that will blow your minds as much as your eardrums. Vegas Seven geeked out on all the tech specs with Excision before the February 15 show.