‘I Don’t Apologize (1,000 Pictures),’ Otherwise

Otherwise is a Vegas mainstream-rawk band touring with Papa Roach and Stone Sour. Which explains why I don’t like them. The group’s success also derives from their videos. Let’s talk numbers: Otherwise’s “Soldiers” racked up 908,000 YouTube views. The band’s latest video-single, “I Don’t Apologize (1,000 Pictures),” has climbed past 24,600. In the video, a handsome yet cuckolded mechanic walks into the desert to laundry-peg a tree with—yep—1,000 photographs of his beautiful, two-timing ex. We know she’s bad, because we learn, in flashbacks, that she took the handsome mechanic-dude’s phone calls while in bed with another man. Sunset approaches. When handsome mechanic-dude Zippo-ignites the black-and-whites of his betrayer, the fire looks magnificent. Will his heart rise Phoenix-like from the ashes? We don’t know, but this much is sure: It feels good to burn shit in the desert! Otherwise earns bonus points for including a Champagnes Café cameo.

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