Grenier Pulls Off A Rare DJ Feat

adrian-grenier-dj-booth-hyde-bellagio-las-vegas-21513.jpgOnce and future Entourage star Adrian Grenier—who somehow lucked into not only the series, but the upcoming movie, despite having an acting style that could be charitably described as “potted plant-esque”—has opinions on politics, for some reason.

Asked during a red-carpet interview February 15 at Hyde Bellagio about an Obama cameo in the upcoming flick, he said, “If he would just deal with those pesky Republicans, maybe he’d have some time to be on Entourage.” Nice to know Grenier looks at the Republican Party the way the owner of an abandoned amusement park in a dollar-store ghost costume looks at the Scooby-Doo gang.

But in the course of the evening, Grenier also got up in the booth to play a track from the Skins, the Brooklyn band he produces. Before he left, though, he put on Nirvana’s “Lithium”—which has to mark the first time any club has ever forced its patrons to awkwardly jam to a downbeat grunge anthem.

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