Proving Ground for Future Doctors

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At Touro University’s Nevada Health Center, students in the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program are given the opportunity to practice in a real-world setting under the guide of instructors. Here, Dean of the medical school, Dr. Mitchell Forman, leads Class of 2013 students Vienna Katana and Bradley Beaufort through an exam of a patient who had suffered a stroke and was now complaining of hearing issues. Touro has 1,500 medical students and is one of the state’s largest educational facilities in the field.

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My leg is restless. I am suffering from gastric distress. Since 3 a.m. last Tuesday, dizziness has been an issue. I have joint pain and slight inflammation of the nostrils and eyelids. My hair is falling out. Last Tuesday, at 2:38 a.m., I woke up without any particular maladies. I had a lot on my mind, though, and I wanted to have less on my mind, so I turned on the television.



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