15 Fabulous Celebrity Birthday Cakes

Celebrities: They’re just like us. In that they love delicious, delicious cake. Check out some of the most innovative cakes that have been delivered to celebs partying at Vegas nightclubs. — Compiled by Camille Cannon.

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Junk Chips, Todd English P.U.B.

Dishing With Grace

Junk Chips, Todd English P.U.B.

By Grace Bascos

In their original form, these thinly sliced potato chips were piled with chicken livers and blue cheese. While wonderfully flavorful, it wasn’t exactly for the offal-averse. Now the dish has been retooled a bit, the livers replaced with a friendlier barbecue-beef ragout, and finished with tomatoes, scallions, blue-cheese crumbles and a creamy scallion aioli. We’ll miss the old version, but these will do just as nicely.