Tour Buzz: Boyz II Men, Faster Pussycat, New Order

BOYZ IN TOWN: Indeed, it is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. And thanks to Boyz II Men’s residency at the Mirage—beginning March 1 and continuing on weekends throughout the month ($40-$60)—you won’t have to until the first week of April. At this point I was gonna give you some feel-good stuff about how the band came back together, but in reading up on them I’ve discovered that they never split up at all, and that they still have three of their four original members (Michael McCary left the band in 2003 because of health issues). They’ve mostly been making cover albums for the past decade, but they still sound great, and in the final analysis that’s really all we should ask of a vocal group, so welcome to Las Vegas, gentlemen. And they are men at this point; once you hit your 40s you forfeit your title to the “Boyz” moniker, unless you’re the only one in a room full of girlz.

CATS IN THE DOGHOUSE: Look, I love glam metal. Without it, strip clubs wouldn’t exist. Why aren’t I more excited for the coming of Faster Pussycat, the venerable glam metal band that’s playing Vinyl on March 3 ($15)? Maybe because this version of Pussycat isn’t the one I want to see; original guitarist Brent Muscat is no longer in the band, having had a falling-out with lead singer Taime Downe. Muscat is now living in Vegas and playing with Sin City Sinners, but don’t expect a tearful reunion at Vinyl: At a 2007 show, Downe mocked Muscat’s bout with cancer, saying he hoped Muscat died of it. Not cool.

NOW ON SALE: Ah, we’re back to normal. It always makes me happy to type the words “poolside at the Cosmopolitan,” especially when that phrase describes an April 11 show by New Order and Johnny Marr ($40). Astute observers of the human condition will note that this billing brings New Order frontman Bernard Sumner and former Smiths/Modest Mouse guitarist Marr to a state where Electronic, the supergroup the two formed in 1991, might conceivably re-form at least long enough for them to gun out “Getting Away With It” or “Make It Happen” and, effectively, make my head explode. But it’ll be a great show even if that doesn’t happen, right? Manage expectations, Carter. Manage expectations.