Parlay at the Queens

What if you knew of a really good show that you could see for $25? That’s a pretty good price, but there’s always a way to do better on a show in Vegas. So what if I told you that you could see that same show for $15? Or better yet, for $10, and maybe another one just as good at no extra charge? That’s two good shows for $10 … $5 apiece. Sold!

That opportunity exists at the Four Queens, where the Mike Hammer Comedy Magic Show and the Jay Bolen Acoustic Retro Rock Show play in the Canyon Club Theater. Hammer combines humor, magic, improvisation and audience participation to produce a fast-mover with a high laugh count. Think Mac King, only more frenetic. Bolan’s act is something you won’t see anywhere else in town: one man with five guitars and an encyclopedic recall of just about any song you can come up with from the 1960s through the ’80s. My tastes might not match yours, but I doubt anyone would complain about paying $5-$10 for either of these.

So let’s get to the deal.

The object is to construct a Hammer/Bolan parlay. First choose a Tuesday through Friday, because those are the days that both shows play—Hammer at 7 p.m. and Bolan at 9. Buy the Hammer tickets first. The rack rate is $22.50, but there’s a Tix4Tonight booth at the front of the Four Queens, as well as in-house promo offers, that drop the cost to about $15.

We get the extra $5 back from a $10 match-play coupon that’s handed out when you leave the showroom. A match play allows you to make a $10 bet on blackjack, craps or other table game and get paid $20 if you win. Consequently, playing a $10 match play usually results in a $20 win or a $10 loss, which means your monetary position, including the $15 spent for the ticket, will be either plus-$5 or minus-$25 after your play. More important, the “theoretical,” or average, result is a win of just under $5. Subtract $5 from the $15 you’ve paid, and you have the $10 number.

When I saw Hammer, everyone in the audience was invited to take their stub to the box office to get a free ticket to Bolan. This is a “sometimes” offer, so don’t go there expecting it, but the possibility of the freebie enhances the deal even more.

It’s not that hard. Buy a half-price ticket for Hammer, play your match play and take the Bolan ticket if it’s offered. If everything goes perfectly, including winning $20 on your bet, you’ll see two good shows and still be $5 ahead. If everything goes poorly, you’ll still see one good show for about $25. Win or lose, it’s a deal. And Bolan’s so good, I’d buy back in anyway.

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