Seven Nights

Your city after dark

Thu 7

Add “drumstep” to your electronic-music vernacular in preparation for BASSment Thursdays. Heavy bass-music and Monsters of Drumstep series creator, Figure, will be at Body English for his Adventures in Time & Space tour. Snag the related mix at (In Hard Rock Hotel, 10 p.m.,

Fri 8

Minimal is the new black. Black Dice to be specific, as Eric Prydz continues his stripped-down residency and brings clubbing back to basics with the next installment of his Wynn residency at XS. Read more about Prydz. (In Encore, 10 p.m., Here’s a market we haven’t seen tapped yet in nightlife land: ladies who specifically like hard dance music. As in hardstyle, U.K. hard house, hard NRG, hard trance/psytrance, gabber and the like. Needless to say, the UltraSound monthly ladies night at the Underworld Grill and Bar is for ladies who hate ladies nights—so no worries about busting out the spandex vajayjay-length dresses and sky-high stilettos. Just wear whatever you can dance best in and enjoy half-priced well drinks and domestic beers all night. And yes, guys, you’re welcome to party, too, as Twisted Duo, Rainmann and Spidersilk spin. (3550 S. Decatur Blvd., 11 p.m.,

Sat 9

Don’t know about you, but Saturdays are usually good for face-stuffing and then slipping into a warm and fuzzy food coma. Vegas StrEATs, the monthly Downtown food-truck, art and music festival, is celebrating its two-year anniversary, so stop by for some grub and tunes courtesy of Klever, Mass Distractors, DJ Zo and Byra Tanks. (Jackie Gaughan Parkway at El Cortez, 6 p.m., Overalls. Not the hippest fashion statement, right? But back in the ’90s all the cool kids were rocking that farmer look with a single strap undone, so we suggest busting that out for the Fresh Prince of GBDC ’90s party with DJ Jazzy Jeff! Grab a slap bracelet and a Hypercolor shirt to complete your look for the party … if you can find ’em. (In the Palms, 1 p.m., “Oh Mama Hey”! DJ/producer Chris Cox, fresh off of topping the Billboard charts with that catchy tune, stops by to spin at Gallery. Get the full story—and all the Las Vegas connections related to the track. (In Planet Hollywood, 10 p.m., Update your iPod with the latest collaboration from Sander van Doorn, Underworld and Mark Knight, titled “Ten” (previously reported as “World”). Then you’ll be good and ready to speak-sing along when Sander drops it at Marquee. Read on at (In the Cosmopolitan, 10 p.m.,

Sun 10

Have a gay ol’ time tonight as RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Rhea Litre and William hit up Revolution, sequins and wigs in tow, for a performance of their explicitly fab-u-lous (and also hilarious) “Let’s Have a KaiKai.” (In The Mirage, 10 p.m.,

Mon 11

Meaningful Mondays at Poppy Den is under way if you’re feeling a bit charitable. The Asian gastropub will donate 20 percent of all proceeds from 6 to 10 p.m. to local charities. Get over the ickyness of Mondays by imbibing for a good cause. (440 Rampart Blvd.,

Tue 12

If you woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy, or prefer to brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, then partying with Ke$ha as she hosts Pure’s Anniversary Party is right up your alley. Though please don’t take advice from another one of her songs and try to f—k the DJ. (In Caesars Palace, 10 p.m., If you didn’t get enough GBDC on Saturdays, the Palms knows what works and is continuing the brand at night. “Wait, isn’t that just Ghostbar then?” you might ask. Yes, but no. The nighttime debauchery will move to Moon and you can check it out during the GBDC After Dark Launch Party. But remember, it’s at Moon, not Ghostbar. Ya know what? Just show up in your favorite Halloween costume or crazy duds and someone will point you in the right direction. (In the Palms, 10 p.m.,

Wed 13

Another year, another Winter Music Conference in Miami and Ultra Music Festival we aren’t able to attend. But hats off to LAX, which has the right idea with its “Who needs Miami?” party. Really, who does need Miami anymore? We’ve got this clubbing thing down to a science in Las Vegas, so no need to hop on a plane anyway—or at least that’s what we tell ourselves until people come back with beach-y sun-kissed skin. (In Luxor, 10 p.m.,

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