Concert Review: Anuhea

Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel, March 9

This 27-year-old Maui girl has seen her career rise on the tide of her easily accessible reggae and bluesy pop. Anuhea’s wide-ranging voice swam and sparkled across an appreciative floor full of swaying island expats. With songs such as “No Time,” she wanted us to know that any broken heart can be mended and that love is always good. Angst-free relationship songs, such as “Higher Than the Clouds,” encouraged us to embrace a revisionist history of our first time. Even in “Fight for Me Tonight,” a piece encouraging a little healthy male competition for her attentions, she made it clear she doesn’t “like seeing blood.” Shutting down her show with “Simple Love Song” spiked the point.

All this blissful chilling didn’t make for compelling art, but Anuhea’s groove and solid vocal wooing were undeniably attractive. Her unprepossessing, uncomplicated and almost naïve world-view made this haole want to order an umbrella drink and drift off on Anuthea’s sentimental raft. ★★★☆☆

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