Cask Masters, Blackadder Matters, and the Nth’s Finest

photo.jpgI’ve been spending a lot of time at the Whisky Attic recently. The crowd at proprietor Adam Carmer’ private monthly Freakin’ Cask Tastings holds steady and grows more dedicated with each event. Typically the cask is a firkin (quarter barrel) from the Zymatore Project (world-class beers aged in used barrels to produce one-of-a-kind results), which Carmer procures from Bevi Beverages, distributor of some of my favorite Belgian beers and essentially all my favorite Italian ones.

Last month, we tapped a cask of Apostelbräu Dinkel Bock, not a Zymatore Project brew, but a strong German ale made with three malts including spelt (dinkel) and hops from three countries: Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. It was dry yet fruity, full-bodied and cloudy—a hearty meal! If you want to get in on the fun, events cost about $35-$45 and are announced rather suddenly via email. Plead your case with an “impressive” request to In the past I’ve recommended a haiku or limerick, but with seats going fast, I suggest you offer the naming of your first born. “Adam” has a nice ring to it.

I returned for a Pure Decadence Whiskey Tasting on February 28. We started and ended in Scotland, but in between journeyed to Tasmania, Canada and India. I enjoyed all three of the Blackadder single-malt Scotches as well as the Glenglassaugh Revival, but what made me sit up and take out my wallet was Amrut’s Single-Malt and Fusion from Bangalore, India, now the official whiskey of my bathtub. (If you know me, you know what a distinction this is.) Find them both at Khoury’s Fine Wine & Spirits.

The next night was the Nth, the Grand Tasting of the Universal Whisky Experience at Encore. First hitting the Amrut booth, I got to confirm the previous night’s findings and sample two more from the Amrut line. And it only got better from there: Glenmorangie Pride was a tough act to follow, but the Highland Park 1968, Glenfiddich 1959 and Isle of Jura 1977 did it. I’d describe each in sublime detail, but this page just isn’t long enough. Google them.