Let There be Light

First there were Mad Men-featuring renderings of Light at Mandalay Bay. Now the real thing is inching closer to completion–just in time for a month’s worth of rehearsals ahead of the scheduled April 26 open.

It’s still buried under scaffolding inside, but the facade was just revealed, with a semicircle sunrise surrounded by rays of light stretching across the face of the club. Through the main doors, a curving staircase will take you up to the mezzanine while you can continue forward to the dance floor.

A dance floor that, by any conservative estimation, can accommodate a metric ton of booty-shakin’. It looks like it could be the largest general admission dance floor of any club in Vegas–which doesn’t seem to be accidental. Hey, you’ve got 38,000 square feet of space to play with, and you’re going to have to offer a wide-open vista for groove-getting.

In a democratizing twist, the GA audience is going to have legitimate room to breathe, with wide alleys surrounding the mezz level, leading to the main bar on the opposite wall from the west-facing DJ booth. A second bar is off to the side, along the north wall, while a third bar parallels the main bar on the top floor.

It’s all arranged in a concentric U-shape, with banquettes on the dance floor and stepping up two levels in stadium seating–carefully positioned to make the DJ booth and movable LED wall behind it the main focus. Of course, if you don’t want to be on the outside looking in, you could spring for one of two tables on the booth itself, so everyone can see your smiling face right behind Skrillex’s perplexing hair.

The top floor balcony offers another selection of banquettes (the club will feature 98 tables in all) with railed-off GA space behind–which should keep you eye level with any Cirque performers doing their thing dangling from wires. Overall, the feel is going to be industrial-meets-high-tech. Lots of steel and exposed bulbs behind bar contrasting with shifting LED displays dropping from the ceiling. So as the DJs visit Montreal to work out the specifics of their stage shows, they can race to see who gets to take advantage of that pairing’s logical output: Steampunk DJ’ing.