Ready to Rumpus

The Palms unveils its newest bar, a rec room with a view, in the former Playboy Club

The Palms wants a greater share of your aggregate drinking time. They’re making this patently clear by sweeping away the old or underused and bringing in the new and awesome. First, we got Scarlet, a six-seat mixology bar with tons of romantic cache. Next came Social, a center bar with a focus on North American whiskey. Not content to let the dust settle on your excitement, the Palms is poised to announce the makeover of the bunny hutch, the Playboy Club.

The View opens March 15, a rec room that will capitalize on its location atop the Fantasy Tower, sandwiched between Moon Nightclub and Nove Italiano. Offering cocktails, bar games and eclectic music, the View is positioned as a natural segue between dinner and nightclub, nightclub and home, or even as an alternative to the nightclub experience itself.

Taking rare advantage of open seating, guests can relive their childhoods (or the childhood of their parents) with old-school board games, such as checkers, tic-tac-toe, dominoes, Connect Four and Jenga in addition to two billiards tables and one shuffleboard table while they enjoy their drinks. The playlist will change nightly, spanning classic rock, ’80s, ’90s, classic hip-hop, new wave and mash-ups created by musical director Mark Stylz.

While we secretly hoped for a rousing game of Twister, Mountain Dew and Jiffy Pop, surrounded by faux wood paneling and Rangers pennants, the View looks to have retained all the seductiveness of its former incarnation as well as the vantage for which it is named. Strip Jenga and Manhattans never gets old.

The View, in the Palms, 9 p.m.-late, $25 cover after 10:30 p.m. includes Moon access; happy hour 9-11 p.m.

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