Concert Review: Muse

Mandalay Bay Events Center, March 17

As a photographer, it’s my job to capture the essence of a performance in a single image—doing so within the timeframe of the first three songs. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, as is the case with Muse. The British rock band eludes photographic summarization because their lyrics and supplemental visual components are designed to take fans on a theatrical journey. And, on this night, they did. The arena lights went dark and giant pyramidal LED display descended from above to completely cover the center of the stage. I was mesmerized by the ensuing theatrical light display preceding the opening song, “Supremacy.” As the band began to play, the pyramid raised, the crowd roared and the energy was intense—aided by the visual esthetic. As Muse moved into “Map of the Problematic,” the drum set rotated 180° toward the audience on the opposite side of the stage, and lead vocalist Matthew Bellamy made his way around the stage, fully utilizing the 360° platform. All the while, striking visuals enhanced an already dramatic stage presence. My Muse concert came to an end after “Super Massive Black Hole” but I can easily classify it as one of the best concerts I’ve ever partially attended. ★★★★☆

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