Guys Who Say “Girls”

Ever notice how to male Las Vegans, all women are girls? I’m not talking about the “Girls, girls, girls” fliers in news racks Downtown. I’m talking about calling every woman “girl”: short ones, tall ones, CEOs, grandmothers. I mean, I’m no hairy-legged Second Waver, but where I come from, females over 18 are women, or even (though more annoyingly) ladies. Heck, they call me “Comrade,” so I’m not picky—as long as you acknowledge I’m an adult.

Not long ago, a young man told me about a job interview he’d had with a female manager. “She seemed like a nice girl,” he said of his potential boss. I felt like I’d stumbled into an episode of Mad Men; all the moment needed was for Don Draper to sidle up and offer me a martini.
These guys might mean no harm. But when they talk like that, I can’t help seeing them as frat boys holding dollar bills—and we’re the entertainment.