Vegas Takes Shelter

SBE’s nightlife plan for SLS takes shape, brings a little more L.A. to L.V.

What does “SLS” mean … to you?

The redevelopment by lifestyle brand SBE of what used to be the historic Sahara property is leaving its name open to interpretation. It could be “Style, Luxury, Service” or “Sexy Little Secrets,” its reps say.

But if you are moved to shout, “Shelter Lives, Suckas!” your level of excitement may be justified. Just one of the three venerable nightlife brands the entertainment group plans to inject into the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, the extinct Shelter nightclub is being revitalized as part of SLS Las Vegas Resort & Casino and is slated for a fall 2014 opening.

Not to be confused with the even older-school New York City club of the ’90s, the Shelter in Los Angeles was SBE’s first venue, established in 2002, and has no connection to Shelter in New York.

Nevertheless, the megaclub that is poised for mega-DJ programming will join other established SBE brands at the SLS, including Foxtail and the Sayers Club, a large, exclusive venue for live music on the level of the Black Keys, Prince and Gotye, as well as young, emerging artists.

Shelter promises special effects, undulating wall surfaces, projections and other technological advances to give its designers the ability to enhance the space and create a new world every night. “The space is intended to completely confuse the senses,” designer Mark Zeff says.

So with properties dotting tastemaker cities across North America, to what audience does SLS anticipate catering so close to SBE’s headquarters in California? An SBE spokesperson explains, “It’s important to appeal to visitors, but it’s also really important to make sure you’re staying committed to that local community and providing something that actually is cutting edge, because the locals see cutting-edge change of programming every year. There is a distinct appreciation of the art form, whether that’s EDM, live music, who knows … You have to be able to appeal to both sides.”

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