Get Your Friday Madness Tickets Ready

The first day of the NCAA tournament was a disappointment for Rebels fans, but it was a good one for our resident betting wonk, Matt Jacob. He took the points on Davidson and cashed when they were only edged by one against Marquette in what he recommended as his biggest bet of the day. Arizona crushed Belmont for a loser but Wichita State paid off.

Today, the picks are:

  • Florida -20 1/2 vs. Northwestern State
  • North Carolina State -4 vs. Temple
  • Creighton -3 vs. Cincinnati
  • Minnesota -3 vs. UCLA
  • San Diego State -2 1/2 vs. Oklahoma
  • Iowa State-Notre Dame OVER 140 1/2
  • Illinois -1 1/2 vs. Colorado
  • San Diego State-Oklahoma OVER 134
  • North Carolina -4 vs. Villanova.