Best of the 2013 Nightclub & Bar Show

Why every nightclub and festival does not yet have ArcLite trees, I’ll never know. Backing up for a moment, the annual Nightclub & Bar Show was in Las Vegas from March 19-21, seeking to present the best and brightest products for the industry. But the brightest booth by far featured these gorgeous illuminated ArcLite faux trees on display with twinkling LED light leaves. From a weeping willow to cherry trees in an array of colors, can’t you just imagine walking into a dreamlike wonderland of these? So, which Las Vegas nightclub will be the first to spruce up its VIP section with a few light-up trees?

Another product that piqued my interest was the hand-held Flutter Fetti, perfect for those not wanting to install a confetti canon, but with an impressive range of colorful explosions.

As probably the only sober person at this convention so well-known for having a plethora of liquor samples—and some folks who attempt to try every single one—newer (non-alcoholic) products that grabbed my eye include the line of AfterParty recovery drinks. Tasty as well as rehydrating and revitalizing, AfterParty does not use caffeine, but rather decaffeinated green tea, prickly pear and milk thistle. Also noteworthy is Tibi Tonic, a low-calorie restorative elixir that can be combined with a cocktail or consumed on its own.

But the most curious offering was Cloud9’s natural aphrodisiac beverage with horny goat weed, yohimbe, maca and sundry other exotic ingredients to get you, ahem, all riled up. I was too scared to try it in the presence of a bunch of tipsy conventioneers. However, to top off the day, I sampled the Liquor Whipped alcohol-spiked whipped cream, which did give me a few ideas not reserved for cocktails.