Tour Buzz: Heart, New Order and Johnny Marr

THE RIGHT AORTA: I love it when people get what they’re owed. Heart, scheduled to play Green Valley Ranch on April 5 ($69-$91), was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and while my feelings on that institution are a matter of public record (I basically consider it a jumped-up gift shop), I’m fully aware of the weight that particular honor carries. Ann and Nancy Wilson, the Seattle babes who gave us “Barracuda,” “Crazy On You,” “How Can I Refuse,” “Magic Man” and “If Looks Could Kill,” deserved to be inducted about the same time as Fleetwood Mac (1998), Aerosmith (2001) or AC/DC (2003). But, y’know, the good things are worth waiting for. With this tour, the Wilsons take a well-deserved victory lap—and they’re even touring in support of an album released within the past year (Fanatic), which is more than can be said for many of the bands who limped into the Hall of Fame with a semi-robust back catalog and a penis. Awkward transition: I’ve had enough wine to admit that I once had a major crush on Ann. Still do, even though she’s technically old enough to be my mother. Okay, I just made it awkward.

EVERYTHING’S GONE GREAT: New Order and Johnny Marr will play poolside at the Cosmopolitan on April 11 ($40). I’ll say that again: The guitarist for the Smiths and the epic New Wave band that brought us “Blue Monday” and “Bizarre Love Triangle” are playing together. I wish I could attend this show twice; that’s how pumped I am. I don’t even care if a reunion of Electronic—the supergroup featuring Marr and NO’s Bernard Sumner—doesn’t take place, even though it seems silly not to. Nor do I care if New Order is as wooden onstage as they were in 1987. Simply seeing these two postpunk stalwarts on the same bill is enough for me.

NOW ON SALE: Daft Punk! No, I’m kidding. Word on the street is that they didn’t much like the smallish audience that greeted them at Vegoose in 2007. But, hey, David Bowie! … is not touring behind his new album. Besides, the last time I saw him play in Vegas, back in 1995, some of you brainless assholes pelted him with garbage as he took the stage because he wasn’t Trent Reznor, whose middling band had played the opening slot. You are, however, really getting Peter Murphy at LVCS on July 24 ($25-$75). He’s playing an all-Bauhaus set. Let’s be nice to him, OK? Try not to live up to everyone’s expectations.